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Find a Cardiologist

We have our own cardiologists in our medical panel who will help you with second opinions, medical advices etc. If you have any questions or doubts related to your cardiac health you can send a mail to consult@heart-consult.com along with your available medical reports. Our cardiologists will analyse your medical reports and will give you proper guidance. If you wish to undergo any cardiac procedure in India or Germany, we could arrange consultation with surgeons in India and Germany who will be performing your cardiac procedure. 

All these services are free of cost and you can approach us for any of your cardiac health requirements. 

For more details, please Contact Us.

Second Opinion

Hello Sir, My Niece is suffering from CHD at birth. To be more specific she is diagnosed with

Tricuspid Atresia type I B

PS /PAH Physiology

Moderate Upper Muscular VSD, L-R Shunt

Non Restrictive ASD, R-L Shunt

Mild PS

Confluent Branch PAs

No AV Valve Regurgitation

Good LV Function


We have been told by the doctors at Narayan Hrudayalaya that the child will not have a normal childhood and also a lower life span of approx 20-25 years. The doctors have asked asked us to wait and hope that technology improves drastically in the next 20-25 yrs. My question is what should we be expecting in this case and what hope do we have?


Just discussed  your niece cardiac condition  with our consultant peadiatric cardiologist in England.
Its difficult to give any prognosis.
In any case a cardiac catheter should be performed
If your niece is very young sometimes just a pulmonalis banding could bring some time.
Most probably she will need cardiac operation( bidirectional Glenn or  Fontan).
Long time prognosis is very difficult. Fontan Operation has only been done since last 25 years.
All these childen require anticoagulation of blood and might not have normal childhood ( will not grow normally)   .
If operation is done at Narayan Hrudayalaya please be ensured that this is one of the most experienced peadiatric cardiac centres in South East Asia.

Best Regards and all the Best


i have mvp since 2 yrs and now i have develope isolated diastolic hypertention(95-100) though i m taking propanolol 20mg twice in a day...


i doubt that mvp is cause for hypertension ( how severe is it?) .
If there is no contraindication please add Calcium channel blocker ( e.g amlodipin ) or ACE Inhibitor to medication. Restrict salt intake, reduce weight ( if overweight).

Regards, Medical Team, Heart Consult

Abnormal T wave

I was Diagnosed MVP 23 yrs before with murmur. I am now 40yrs old.

Since last few days i am witnessing uneasiness in chest area.
today i got an ECG and the result was II, III, aVF, V3 Abnormal T wave.
Normal Sinus rythm
Normal Cardiac Electric Axis

my health during the past few years:
Diabetic for the past 3+ yrs. on tablets (thrice a day)
Blood Pressure Levels Normal
Higher levels of Homociestieine.
Total Cholestrol levels around 220+
Weight 95-100Kgs ( for the past 10 yrs.
Mostly vegetarian
Had complications of UTI 5 yrs before, no cysts found. Diagnoised Hydroneprosis.
Takes 5 or 10mg Isosorbitrate MD when feeling uneasy badly.

Can you pls advice me what is best for I cannot spend on treatment beyond few thousands of Indian rupees.

Kindly can you pls tell me what should

T wave inversion

Dear Sir
A brother of mine (20-years) has a T-wave inversion detected in all leads when he undergo an EKG test, His doctor suggested making further tests ECHO, BLOOD WORK, CHOLESTROL test. today all tests came back with normal results
what could be the reason of T-wave inversion

Do you suggest any further tests
I look forward to hearing your opinion


Re: Heart Problem

I am a patient with Ischaemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy with heart failure with re-current Ventricular Tachycardia
Disease events in chronological order;

• In 1998, I had a myocardial infarction of full thickness on anterior wall, with three cardiac arrests on first, second, third days. Streptokinase not given due to non availability of the injection at far away hospital.

• After 1 month hospital stay, I was discharged and decided by cardiologist to manage medically.

• With medical management they decided not to do angiography.

• About 4 years later, Dilated Cardiomyopathy was developing.

• The treatment I was getting, included Aspirin 100mg daily, Aldactone 25mg daily , Losartan 12.5mg bd, Carvadilol 3.125 mg bd, G.T.N (sos)

• In 2006, I had an attack of Dengue fever non – haemorragic type. I was instructed to stop Aspirin.

• One week after cessation of aspirin on 4th February 2006, I had a second attack on full thickness myocardial infarction on inferior wall (STEMI). On 30th march 2006 coronary angiogram done at National Hospital Sri Lanka showing triple vessel disease. On that period I was taking, Aspirin 150mg, captopril 6.25 mg bd, carvedilol 3.125mg bd , Aldactone 25mg mone with G.T.N (sos)

• On that occasion, they found I’m having anti-phospholipid syndrome.

• On 22nd June 2006 , C.A.B.G. done at Durdan’s Heart Centre Colombo by cardio thoracic surgeon Dr. Kesava Dev as I was referred to the particular surgeon by my Cardiologist DR.Kanishka Kamaladasa at Cardiology unit National Hospital Sri Lanka . Treatment on discharge Lasix 40mg bd , mega fish oil 2 caps daily, Ismo 20mg daily , Aslux 100mg daily, Omez 20mg daily , Aldactone 25mg daily, Losartan 25mg daily, Oroffer 1cap daily, Amiodarone 200mg bd, Urimax 400mcmg daily, Cremaffin 15ml nocte, Fibogel 1 sachet daily, Panadol tablet tds, Enhancing 625 mg tds 1/52, Warfarin 4mg taking now even.

• With C.A.B.G. on 2006 -2D- echo –shown E.F- 28%

• Later on 26th January 2009 2D- echo- E.F- 28% LVEDD 69mm LVESD 60mm, ant, ant wall, septum thinned out making Hypokinecia with apex aneurismal and akinetic, Mitral valve with grade 1 MR function. On that occasion I was admitted for recurrent Ventricular Tachycardia. Ammyodorone Bolus failed, Cardio verted with defribrilater with 100J , given Carvadilol 3.125mg Imdur 30 mg daily, Losartan 25mg mone, Lasix 40mg bd, Aldactone 25mg bd, Warfarin 3mg daily, Atovastatin 5mg nocte, Amiodarone 200mg tds > 200mg bd, KCL 1 mone, discharge on same.

• In 2009 January, developed recurrent V.T with Mychoplasma Pneumonia , echo – E.F 25% treated with Levofloxacin 500mg daily 12 days, Doxycycline 100mg bd, Triomega 1bd, Atovastatin 10mg daily ,nebulise with Ipravent tds (sos), Amiodarone 200 mg tds, Aldactone 25mg daily, Aspirin 100mg nocte, Bisoprolol 2.5mg bd, Discharged on Lasix 60mg mone 40mg vespor , Losaka 12mg bd, Triomega , Atovastatin , nebulise sos with Ipravent , Amiodarone 200mg tds, Aldactone 25mg mone , Bisaprolol 2.5mg bd.

• In 2009 March – RF Ablation therapy 3-D mapping for recurrent V.T done by Professor Mahan Nair at St.Stephens hospital New Delhi India, successful only for about 8 months, send me to India by my Electro physiologist Dr. Asanga Dunuwilla.

• On 8th August 2010, I.C.D implanted St.Jude modelled by Dr. Asanga Dunuwilla, Electro Physiologist in National Hospital Sri Lanka.

• Later developed slow VT, shocked with I.C.D 5 times up to now last shocked was on 19th January 2012.

• Liver transaminases increased, D – dimer > 500 (720) due to congested Liver following congestive cardial failure found following ultra sound scanning of abdomen, Amiodarone omitted, Co-Q bd , Neurobion bd added .

• Last month echo – E.F- 15 to 20 %.

So this is my medical history and I need someone to check this and need to get the opinion regarding this

Heart attack!!

Dear Sir,

My dad had a heart attack 1 year ago. He was supposed to go through angioplasty but found out that it was not good enough and was suppose to go for a bypass. As he could not control his diabetes, he had to wait and recently was ready for the bypass. However, the doctor found out that his heart tissues and muscles surrounding the left and right artery is already dead. The surgeon has informed us that nothing can be done.

Is this true? Is it really a loss cause? If there is, can you help me with a solution??

thank you so much. please reply asap.

about pulse missing

Doctor, iam suffring from pulse missing problem from last 6 years. In starting my pulse beet 40 times in one minut only night time round about 12o clock but now my pulse cuntinuly beet 40 times in one minut . plz tell me about it by phone if possible my no. is 09878326007


Dr. i am 70 years old & iam completely fit health wise & in my daily works. My weight is 82 kg &hight is 5' 11" . when i am sleeping at night rond about 12 o,cloc my heart beet came down at 38 times from 72 times/minut. i had cheked complete my self from varius Doctors and done whole tests like TMT, ECHO, HOLTER (24 hr), ECG, etc but doctor says there is nothing in your reports. But iam still suffring from that poblem plaese tell me somthing about it.
with thanks